The Herd.

A gazelle lives in a herd. The herd offers security, food and water. It ensures that the individual survives. Sometimes it happens that the gazelle is separated from the herd by predators and only the most agile specimen will find its way back to the herd.

Your customers are the herd. You are the gazelle. We make your business agile in a rigid legal, but technological everchanging world. Read on!

Our values.


We believe it is important that businesses receive clear advice. Transparancy, as a value, is therefore one of our priorities. We try to be as transparant as possible at each stage of the process. We consider this on of the keys of a good business relationship.


Solving your problems in a good, qualitative and efficient way gives us a energy boost. We are convinced that there is no time to lose, time is money. So we don’t want to burden you with more trouble by delivering work half-done. Project Gazelle is founded to offer you ease and comfort in complex matters.


Advice fit for entrepreneurs of all trades, that is our service. Our team of breeders consists of entrepreneurs in heart and soul, or at least, people who respect and understand entrepreneurship. We will always look from the viewpoint of the entrepreneurs first. We will take his passion, drive and story into account. For and by the entrepreneurs.


In today’s world, rapid change is omnipresent. Technology and tradition are the cause of the mixture of different areas of law. So that’s what we do with our breeders. We try to see the silver thread throughout the set of problems to come up with a solution fit for you.

Our services.

Join the herd.

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